Horde webmail app removal notice

  • 10th March 2023
If you are a webmail user you may be familiar with the Horde option when checking your emails.   We have been made aware that a new version of cPanel will soon be released which will force the removal of the Horde webmail application.   This is because the underlying software (PHP 7.4) reached end of life in November 2022 and Horde does not ...
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PHP 7.0 now available on all servers

  • 26th July 2016
PHP 7 is here! All of our hosting servers have been updated to support PHP 7.0. How do I enable PHP 7?You will need to make some configuration changes to switch your sites to the new version. All new accounts will have this enabled by default.To do this, simplydo the following: Login to cPanel Click Select PHP Version Choose 7.0 from the ...
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IdleServ turns 12 with a new website and more

  • 14th October 2015
IdleServ is now 12 years old! To celebrate this birthday we have revamped our site, refreshed our hosting plans and added support for over 450 domain extensions. New Web Hosting PlansGet 2GB disk space, 20GB bandwidth from $5.31 per month. New Reseller Hosting PlansGet 2GB disk space, 50GB bandwidth from $6.16 per month. New Domain ...
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